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LRC is considered an essential service and will remain open and operational. To protect the health of our staff and customers, we will be following all necessary precautions to limit the potential transmission of Sars-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Additionally, we are able to provide decontamination protocols and cleaning validation assessment testing using ATP swabbing.  

Independent Industrial Hygiene Company

What To Expect From an Investigation

Air/Surface Sampling – airborne or surface fungal growth?

Moisture Mapping – Is there wetness or moisture problems?

Visual Inspection – Water or fungal staining?

Certificates of Laboratory Analysis

Detailed Report with Results and Recommendations

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When To Contact LRC

Mold Growth in the Home

Whether there is visible growth or suspected mold within the home/structure, LRC is able to assess indoor environmental quality through air and surface fungal sampling. Sample results and remediation recomendations will be summarized in a detailed report following the inspection.

Water Damage

After a water loss, fungal growth can proliferate within 24 to 48 hours if the area is not properly cleaned and dried. Contact us after addressing the loss but prior to remediation and we will investigate for any remaining wetness and possible mold growth.

Air Quality Testing

Air Quality Testing (IAQ) is recommended before and after mold remediation, if you are experiencing health symptoms and sensitivies, or had a recent water loss. IAQ testing should be conducted by an independent Industrial Hygiene Company that does not also provide remediation services. To evalualte the indoor airborne fungal ecology, LRC will take non-viable air samples in designated areas of the home/building and assess the fungal levels by comparing to the levels seen in the outdoor air or to base line samples.

Crawlspace & Attic

Crawlspace and Attic investigations are recommended if it has not been checked for an extended period of time, after a water loss, before/after remediation, or if there is visible significant mold growth. A crawlspace investigation includes moisture measurments, visual observations, and surface sampling.

VOC & Asbestos

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) testing is recommended if there is an unidentified odor, known sources of VOC's in/around the structure, health symptoms such as dizziness and irritation.

LRC is certified to collect bulk asbestos (ABS) samples. ASB sampling is recommended in structures built before 1980 with suspect ASB containing material such as insulation, sheetrock, vinyl flooring etc. After collecting the samples, we include the interpreted results in a detailed report.

Research Projects

LRC has recently completed a two year research project focused on comparing the sanitation of hard surface desks that are cleaned using quality products following a specific protocol to similar surfaces cleaned without intervention.


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