LRC Indoor Environment Professionals are independent mold and indoor air quality experts who have been in business for 17 years, with over 50 years combined experience.  Our certified investigators and analysts specialize in detailed investigations, including visual inspection, sampling, sampling sanalysis, moisture mapping, and detailed reports.  As an independent consultant company, LRC's recommendations and protocols are used by home and business owners and reputable remediators.  The IICRC standard states that the indoor environmental professional should be independent from the remediator.
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At LRC Indoor Testing & Research, we’re proud to be nationally recognized for our contributions to research for numerous reputable health/hygiene companies and government agencies. We also work with private clients and have completed many assessments for the EPA, CDC, FAA, USAID, and NIOSH.

Our team members enjoy educating our clients about numerous topics of concern related to our work. We’ve posted many blogs about articles written by Dr. Eugene Cole, our head of research. Click on each of the links below to learn more.

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